Rewards Account FAQ

What is the Electric Clouds rewards system and what does it do for me?

As a locally owned business, we strive to offer our customers not only the best E-Cig and CBD solutions, but we also want to give back! The rewards system is beneficial to your for a few reasons:

1. You can get infinite discounts on our EC handmade E-Liquid through our silver, gold, and platinum memberships.You can earn free E-Liquid by referring a friend to shop with us!

2. We will send you coupons and discounts on literally everything in our store!

3. You will earn points that are redeemable for a multitude of coupons ranging from $$$ off your total cart, to 50% off specific items. These points stay in your account forever, and it gives you the freedom to choose!

4. We also always offer a buy four get one free on coils purchased from us. You can redeem this reward by putting any 4 coils in your cart and adding the discount code found in your rewards account. 


Silver, Gold, Platinum what?

So, we essentially not only offer our rewards system membership 100% free, but we upgrade you over time so that your discounts only get bigger and better. At silver you will receive unlimited ability to claim 5% off any and all EC brand house blended E-Liquid. When you upgrade to gold, which happens over time automatically the longer you shop with us, you receive unlimited redemption of 10% off all EC brand house blended E-Liquid. When you reach platinum tier, you will get 15% off all EC hand blended E-Liquid. 

Redeeming E-Liquid discount:

In order to redeem your E-Liquid discount, you simply have to access your rewards by signing in and then copy and paste the code presented to your after you click "claim", when checking out. Above you can find a short video of how to use your E-Liquid discount online. In store, the cashier will make sure to apply the discount automatically as long as you sign into your rewards account via the tablet at the checkout station. 



How can I sign up?

So, if you have never signed up for our reward program before, you can sign up in store or online. To sign up in store, feel free to ask one of our friendly employees to help walk you through the process, 

To sign up online, you'll notice the rewards widget in the bottom right of the screen. Click on that, and click create account. Fill out the information and click the activation link sent to your email. You are now an Electric Clouds Rewards member, it is as easy as that! 


What if I signed up in store already? How can I access this account?

If you previously signed up in store with our rewards program, the good news is your account is still active and accessible. In order to access your previously saved rewards, click the rewards widget in the bottom right of the screen. Click create account and fill in the information USING THE SAME EMAIL you originally signed up for the account with in store. Go to your email and click the activation link, and it will automatically link the accounts. You should now be able to access your rewards account. This will also ask for a password creation and serve as your Electric Clouds online store account for faster and better checkouts!


How do I use my rewards?

In order to use your rewards, it is a short process. First, you must be logged into your electric clouds account, in which the previous videos will help you learn to create an account, or link an existing rewards account. Next, you will click the rewards widget in the bottom right of the screen. When you click the rewards tab, it will show you all of the accessible rewards you have. This is the same for your juice discount. 

How can I see my current rewards?

To view your current available rewards you will need to be signed into your account already. To view, its as simple as clicking on the widget when you are logged in, and you can view your current rewards and points!