Smok TFV12 Resin Kit (Glass + Tip)

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Smok TFV12 Resin Kit

The BlitzResin Expansion Tubes Set of SMOK TFV8 & TFV12 delivers the ultimate add-on to the performance-drive platforms with a distinctive Epoxy Resin drip tips to pair with a matching Epoxy Resin glass tubes with +1.5mL expansion capacity (except TFV12 Prince). The exterior of each drip tip features a unique Resin design, with vibrant and striking designs while offering heat-spoofing properties. The feature is also similar on the expansion tube, with the addition of expanding the juice reservoir of each tank by 1.5mL, bringing the total capacity of the SMOK TFV12 to an impressive 7.5 milliliters. It is designed specifically for incredible SMOKTech's top-of-the-line Sub-Ohm Tank line-up. Manufactured by Blitz Enterprises.


Epoxy Resin Constructed Drip Tip

Epoxy Resin Constructed Tube Section - Increase Max Capacity by 1.5mL

Unique Patterning - Striking Appearance

Heat Resistant