Kuro Concept Coiler

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The Kuro Concepts Kuro Koiler is a brilliant little tool that makes wrapping coils for your favorite rebuildable atomizers easier than ever before! With three sizes available, the Kuro Koiler will help you wrap tight, uniform micro coils every time, whether you're a master coil builder or a complete novice.

The CW-20 (Blue) Kuro Koiler makes coils with a 2.0mm inner diameter, the CW-25 (Red) makes coils with a 2.5mm inner diameter, and the CW-30 (Purple) makes coils with a 3.0mm inner diameter.

Take any gauge of wire between 20AWG - 28AWG, trap it in the small hole provided near the post, twist the top cap, and your coils practically wrap themselves!