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Introducing The Dr. Dabber SWITCH

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is quite simply, the next generation of vaporizer. Utilizing patent pending induction heating technology, the SWITCH delivers unparalled performance with absolutely no compromise. This IS the next level.

SWITCH Heating Profiles

Standard mode offers 5 simple heating profiles, while Pro mode unleashes ultimate customization with 25 profiles


With an average heat up time of 4-6 seconds, the SWITCH's patent pending technology is insanely fast.

Battery Life

150 uses on a single charge, 60 minute charge time and pass through charging. Ready when you are. 

Powerful & Smart

Whether it’s particularly dense flower or very viscous oil, the SWITCH has 25 carefully calibrated heat settings to handle any situation. If you want an emphasis on flavor, there is a setting for that. If you prefer superior vapor density, there’s a setting for that too. If you want to crank it up for a cloudy experience, no problem. Want to only use a minute amount of material? Just turn it down a couple notches. The SWITCH is designed by people who understand that no two hits are the same, just like no two flowers or oils are the same. The SWITCH’s versatility is simply astounding.

A Battery Built For Real Life

The SWITCH is capable of up to 150 uses on a single charge. These are not laboratory numbers, this is real life. 150 uses on a single battery charge. This kind of efficiency in a device as powerful as the SWITCH is simply unheard of. Taking into account that a full charge takes only 60 minutes, it’s safe to say the SWITCH is in a league of its own.

The Power And Speed Of Induction

Aside from benefits like no-leak sealed electronics and effortless cleaning, the patent pending induction heating technology inside allows the device to heat to target temperature in an incredibly short amount of time. We’re talking an average of 4 seconds (depending on selected temperature). This sort of speed is simply not possible with traditional convection and conduction vaporizers. The SWITCH is just on another level.

Designed for Versatility

Not only can you choose your ideal heating profile, but you can also adjust your hold time, choose between 25 different ambient lighting options, keep it plugged in at home on your coffee table or take it out camping for the weekend. Every aspect of the SWITCH has been tirelessly considered in order to create the ultimate vaporizer.

Simple yet Sleek

The SWITCH's design is as well thought out as its function. The sleek, flared base ensures the unit stays solid and upright. The glass top uses LED ambient lighting to indicate when the device is heating up, ready to use or cooling. Intelligent battery management means you can plug in and use your device while it charges. No compromises.

For the Beginner AND the Ultimate Coinnosseur

Usually vaporizers aim to please either the absolute beginner or the seasoned veteran. The SWITCH has been developed with two built in modes which can be switched with a simple button press. Standard mode includes 5 simple heat settings for each oil and flower, while Pro Mode opens up the spectrum to 25 profiles for connoisseurs and vaporists to experiment. Whichever mode you choose, once your SWITCH is set up to your tastes, it's as easy as pressing 'Go'!